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Health may sometimes seem like a river.  It is there. It supports us and our lifestyle. Then we reach a difficult part of the river and the turbulence increases; we are not able to navigate so easily. We face niggling health issues, or, more significantly, we have a major health crisis that forces us to rethink our lifestyle, and our approach to health care.

Modern bio-medicine is truly remarkable in how it deals with major health problems, but chronic illnesses often elude its therapeutic range. It is in this area that herbal medicine is remarkable, not just because of its range of therapeutic possibilities, but because a medical herbalist will address the issues from a totally different perspective. They will address and examine the underlying terrain, the river bed that allows the water to flow freely, or the river bed, that is rock strewn, causing eddies and whirlpools that obstruct one's path to health. 

If you are concerned about your health, or suffer chronic problems, herbal medicine may help you address the underlying issues.  Patients often seek the advice of a professional herbalist alongside advice from their doctor or other healthcare professionals. Dr. Fiona's clinic, at 12 Emmet square Clonakilty, allows you to avail of an integrated approach to health care; an opportunity to access biomedical treatment alongside the many other health supporting therapies available there. This integrated approach allows all the factors - emotional, physical, social, environmental, spiritual - that influence health to be addressed.


Bio-medicine and herbal medicine support and augment each other. It is a combination that allows you, the patient, to have a wider range of therapeutic choice and an integrated approach to your health issues. In many instances, this  may reduce the need for conventional prescription drugs and allow you to achieve a more natural and balanced therapeutic regime. 

Your initial consultation is, then, an opportunity to be heard, to discuss, and address the complexity of concerns you may have regarding your health.

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The Irish healing tradition contains wisdom pertinent to our health and often makes us think, and look at things differently.

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